Stop Ignoring the Beauty
that’s Hiding Inside You…
It Just Takes 10 Minutes to Find It

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“Me Time”
is Every Successful Woman’s Secret

When you take a look at the women around you, what do you see? It is easy to feel like everyone but you “has it all”. Some women make it look so effortless: the great job, the handsome husband, flawless skin and sense of style that would make the Best Dressed list.

Then there’s the rest of us. The regular women, with the busy life and responsibilities, the ones who have so much going on at work and home that personal care becomes an afterthought.

85% of American women struggle to find time for themselves. It’s NOT just about looks though. Self-care is an expression of how you feel on the inside. What if you could transform your life with just one small change? Give yourself a little “me time”, and big things can start to happen.

Our Antioxidant
Rich Face Mask

is your perfect ally to spread self love.
Set a timer for 10 minutes and you can:


Treat yourself to the kindness you deserve


Revive your mind and body


Tap into what you want and make it happen

Why it Works

Delivers bright, even-toned skin that glows

Cleans deep down into pores

Quickly dissolves oil and impurities

Revives thirsty skin with intense hydration

Promotes skin firmness

Helps improve elasticity

Won’t strip skin dry



Makeup, dirt, excess oil and pollutants are no match for our mask.


Youthful skin awaits. Say goodbye to dull, red and dry skin while soothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


Turn back the clock with smoother, firmer skin.


Moroccan Red Clay

Highly absorbent, it removes excess oil and dead skin to deep clean your pores.

Vitamin E

Our sustainable, raw Vitamin E pearls support collagen and elastin for strong, healthy skin.

Argania Spinosa oil

This rare oil nourishes dry skin while smoothing the look of wrinkles.

Coconut Oil

It deeply moisturizes skin by strengthening the moisture barrier that protects it from the environment.


Gardenia enhances skin tone, texture and elasticity while making your skin feel soft like velvet.

Sunflower seed oil

Contains vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to help skin appear less red, irritated and blemished.

Macadamia oil

This anti-aging wonder ingredient soothes, comforts and moisturizes dry skin with powerful antioxidants.


Extracts help banish the look of redness while gently cleansing even sensitive skin.

Olive Oil

Packed with skin-boosting vitamin K and squalene for soft, supple, hydrated skin without clogging pores.


A powerful skin brightener, daisy also diminishes the look of age spots for younger-looking skin.


This anti-aging powerhouse awakens your skin’s ability to repair and strengthen itself.


Jasmine tones your skin while minimizing the appearance of age spots.

How To Use

Delivers bright, even-toned skin that glows

Apply this easy to spread face mask using the included brush, gently pressing to release the Vitamin E pearls as they dissolve with the warmth of your skin.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Rinse brush after each use.

Oily or combination skin: Use 2-3 times per week.
Dry or sensitive skin: Use 1-2 times per week.

Proud to be

Free &

No Artificial







Ellie It feels tighter in certain areas, overall it feels fine kind of how I would expect a face mask to feel. I love how it went on my skin, it’s very smooth, and I love the application brush. I do have sensitive skin and after taking it off it did not irritate it, it did not leave it red at all which is awesome. I can tell a difference in my T zone, it’s definitely less oily and I really feel I have a clean, fresh face right now which I love!


Hope I tried Zue Beauty Anitioxidant-Rich Face Mask for the first time. I like that it has vitamin E beads as part of the mask. The mask has a very light feel and slight tingle that you can feel it working. It feels great on your skin and dries to a clay like finish that I always feel is good for drawing out impurities and tightening pores. After removing the mask with warm water and a wash cloth my skin felt really clean and tighter. It had a healthy glow to it and my pores were noticeably smaller.


Karen My skin feels really great! My pores look smaller, it actually feels a little tighter and firmer and so I really love it! I love that it’s an all-natural product, it’s vegan free, cruelty free, and I’m so excited to keep using it.


Jacqui My skin it is a lot less red, it looks a lot more balanced. Thank you!


Stacey Immediately after the first use, my skin felt softer and the skin tone was more even overall. The red and brown patches weren’t as noticeable. A couple hours after use, my skin did feel dryer, but not the flaky/peeling kind of dry. I have naturally very oily skin, so it begins to look very greasy by the end of the day. On my first use, it wasn’t as greasy later on that evening. After three uses, it has noticeably reduced the redness/inflammation from my acne. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who struggles with greasy skin and adult acne, as it diminishes the overall contrast from red irritation and brown sunspots and melasma.


Katie This face mask is one I have fallen in love with! I love how it goes on, so cooling. I have sensitive skin, so this face mask is gentle enough to make a difference in my skin, meaning, brighten it, cleanse it, nourish it and not strip it of its own yumminess. This Zue mask just enhances my skin and doesn’t take anything away from her. It’s amazing! I love that my skin is glowing, it feels hydrated, it feels yummy, clean and pure. And I love that it comes with a brush.


Kim What I love is I can feel the face mask tightening my skin, and no burning, so those of you with sensitive skin I think this would be a great product for you to give a try. I really liked it!


Madison I like that its deep cleansing, but it doesn’t leave my skin super dry afterwards, and I also have really sensitive skin and I’m not left with a tomato red face or anything. After using the mask my skin feels deeply clean, it feels refreshed, it feels a little moisturized form the vitamin E, and I feel very refreshed as well. It’s a perfect way to end the day!


Sarah It feels pretty good! It’s kind of smooth, it goes on pretty easily. It’s really creamy which is nice, doesn’t really have much of a smell it’s just clean. I was worried that it was going to feel sticky or cakey, or leave my skin feeling really dry but it doesn’t, it feels hydrated. I like it, I’ll definitely use it again!



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Antioxidant-Rich Face Mask


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