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Which of the following magazines are your holy grail for beauty tips:

Which of the following places would be a great spot for a spa-session

How often do you apply sunscreen? (Protecting your skin from UVA and UVB)

Which of the following activities would be more enjoyable while using a facial mask?

How many glasses of water do you have per day?

How regularly do you exercise

Which of the following quotes best describes you?

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Cate Blanchett

You and Cate are Beauty Allstars

As Cate, you are a woman that understands the power of taking care of your inner and outer beauty. You are truly aware that a flawless looking skin is not only related to the products you use but also to the way you treat your inner self. You know the importance of taking supplements for a healthier body. But you also understand that without a healthy mind there won't be a body to take care of. YOU and Cate share the same belief systems of taking care of yourself from the inside out.

Meryl Streep

You are THE Beauty Queen

As Meryl, you have done it all. You already know what works for you and what doesn't. But still, you are always willing to try something new. You love to explore new things, to experience new adventures and you also love to pamper yourself. You are a real encyclopedia of knowledge, but still, you are humble with your achievements. As Meryl, you understand that Beauty is just a state of mind. And that the real beauty comes from within, by accepting yourself and realizing that you are as beautiful as you believe you are.

Nicole Kidman

You are the Queen of Style and Delicacy

As Nicole, you enjoy living life at its fullest. You are conscient that life is not only about money and possessions. You are a true believer that small actions can generate long-lasting effects. And you also apply this knowledge to your skincare habits. Your beauty routines are focused on generating harmony in your body, but you are not obsessed with perfection. This is because you understand that perfection is subjective and that real beauty has different tones, tastes, and textures. All of these traits, make you the Queen of Harmony and Style.

Salma Hayek

You are the Real Deal

As Salma, you are the real deal. You are empowered and strong. You could probably be the center of attention if you wanted to. Your whole personality is like a beacon of light for others. As so is your beauty routine. You are not too obsessed with looking like a model every time of the day. Because you know your inner beauty is so strong that it simply irradiates on the outside. Still, you know the importance of taking care of your skin with the basics, but you don't suffer from trying to find the Holy Grail of SkinCare Products, because you know that the secret to a flawless skin is a mixture of nourishing your body and your mind.

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