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Benefits of Green Tea Moisturizer On Your Skin

Most people have heard of green tea, and have had a cup of the delicious drink. Not only is it uniquely satisfying, but it has a lot of benefits for the body. It is not that surprising that a green tea moisturizer is equally beneficial for the face.

Our Daily Facial Moisturizer has green tea as one of its key ingredients since it helps fight acne, oily skin, and the effects of aging.

In this article, we will discuss some of the green tea moisturizer benefits for acne, oily skin, and skin that is sun damaged or aging. There really are a lot of uses for this type of product.

1. Green tea moisturizer for acne: Sebum is an oil that your body naturally produces, and it is necessary for healthy skin. Unfortunately, many people produce too much of it. It is hard to control the amount of sebum produced, but many studies have shown that green tea does help in the fight against this acne producing oil.

The green tea moisturizer’s ability to help control acne comes from the richness it has of catechins, which help kill the bacteria that causes acne.

2. Green tea moisturizer for oily skin: The reason for oily skin is actually a perfect storm of symptoms. First, the overproduction of sebum. Second, pores become enlarged and inflamed. Finally, the result is oily skin. Green tea moisturizers are very effective at filling in those pores with healthy ingredients that help reduce inflammation and secretion of the sebum.

When inflammation is reduced, a person’s pores decrease in size, allowing for less release and less production of sebum. Using a green tea moisturizer also helps reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells by rejuvenating the skin and keeping it healthy for a longer period of time.

3. Green tea moisturiz­er for aging and/or sun damaged skin: The antioxidant effects of Green Tea have been well studied, especially when it comes to cancer-fighting micro-nutrients throughout the body when a person drinks the tea. The same free-radical-destroying abilities exist in green tea moisturizers. When a product destroys free radicals, it is reducing the chances of developing cancer.

Why mention both aging skin and sun-damaged skin in the same breath? Because both types of skin have been exposed to years of dangerous, cancer-causing UV rays, as well as other environmental toxins that can lead to melanoma and other skin cancers.

Furthermore, both skin types lose elasticity, causing unwanted wrinkles. Research shows that green tea moisturizers help firm and tighten skin, making the person using the product look and feel younger.

When we learned about these amazing benefits, we did not hesitate to have Green Tea included in our Daily Facial Moisturizer, 2018 Winner as The Best Moisturizer by Parents Latina Magazine.

The reviews for Zue Beauty’s Daily Facial Moisturizer have been incredible so far, with people touting its wonderful smell, how lightweight it feels on the skin, and how it lasts all day long, even for people with especially dry skin. It's also recommended as a great base to use before applying makeup.

Interested in this Daily Facial Moisturzer  with Green Tea?

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