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Finding the Perfect Skincare Product - Shea Moisture Face Wash

Sometimes, the best products to rescue your skin are the simplest and purest—there’s almost nothing that shea moisture cleanser can’t do! It makes sense to want to use such a beneficial product where it matters most—your face—so you may already be asking, “Can I use shea butter on my face safely?”

Read on and find out! (Hint: You’ll likely be happy with the answer.)

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What is shea butter?

You’ve seen it in all kinds of ingredients lists, so let’s start by demystifying this popular ingredient. Believe it or not, shea butter is derived from tree nuts—specifically, the nuts of the shea tree. Also referred to by its scientific name Vitellaria paradoxa, the shea tree is native to Africa. Products derived from the shea tree have become wildly popular across the world, providing a source of income for African regions housing the shea tree and the individuals who work to harvest and process the shea tree nuts.

Why is shea butter good for your skin?

Shea butter has so many incredible benefits for the skin due to its naturally-occurring properties. For example, its high content of healthy fatty acids both heals and moisturizes.

Now, the answer you’ve been waiting for. Can you use shea butter on your face? Absolutely! These non-saponifiable oils can heal and brighten when using shea butter on the face with a shea moisture face wash, for example, but that’s not all. Using shea butter for acne, sunburns, and eczema is incredibly effective, too.

Why shea butter?

The list of skin benefits attributed to shea butter is a long one, but the following are a few of the best reasons to incorporate shea butter into your skincare routine.

Shea butter…

  • Has naturally-occurring properties that fight the bacterial infections and inflammation associated with acne.
  • Combats eczema.
  • Moisturizes and lubricates the skin to prevent itching, flaking, and redness associated with dry skin.
  • Soothes sunburns and rashes.
  • Is rich in vitamins A, E, and K.
  • Can regenerate skin cells for bright and healthy skin.
  • May help to lighten imperfections such as scars, age spots, and blemishes.
  • Can help to prevent stretch marks.

Results like these will be even more profound when using organic shea butter in its purest form. Many companies and manufacturers choose to add other chemicals to their shea butter products such as fragrances or preservatives which can irritate the skin and negate shea butter’s incredible effects.

shea moisture face wash, Shea butter for acne, Shea moisture facial cleanser and organic shea butter.

How should you choose the best product?

The best skincare products containing shea butter are organic, all-natural, cruelty-free, GMO-free, and made with the support of local farmers. As you’re shopping, always check the ingredients list and don’t take the label’s claims at face value. Do your research on the company’s practices, too. Be careful and be thoughtful!

Start here.

If you’re already chomping at the bit to add one of the best shea butter products on the market to your skincare collection and are excited about using shea butter on your face, Zue Beauty’s Purifying Facial Cleanser is a great place to start. Wondering how to use shea butter on the face? Just lather your face with this cleanser and some warm water at morning and at night, and you can begin to witness shea butter’s magic for yourself. Due to shea butter’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects, skin type doesn’t matter. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you’ll notice a difference.

We encourage those who use this shea moisture facial cleanser to always feel refreshed and guilt-free. Zue Beauty’s values, economically-friendly formulations, and certified cruelty-free, GMO-free, and organic products guarantee that you’re doing your face (and the planet) a favor.

Interested in this Purifying Facial Cleanser with Shea Butter?

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shea moisture face wash, Shea butter for acne, Shea moisture facial cleanser and organic shea butter.

What People Are Saying About Our Purifying Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is the bomb! I would say it's their MVP for sure! Cleansers are tricky, sometimes they're too oily, sometimes they're too drying, but this one balances everything. After a long day at work, when skin's feeling tired and makeup's all over the place, this is the solution, your face tone ends up even and bright and beautiful, and your skin feeling smooth. A must-have!


The Purifying Facial Cleanser is very, very gentle. It actually seems more like a lotion. The consistency is very smooth. The first time I used it, I washed my face with it twice because I couldn't believe it was really cleaning. It does a great job removing my makeup and leaving my face clean but not that stripped, squeaky clean to the point where you feel like you need some type of moisture. Overall, I really like this daily cleanser.


If youre into skincare, you know Witch hazel. It helps diminish dark spots, minimize facial pores, deeply cleans, and improves the look of your complexion. The Witch hazel is potent in this cleanser, and you can tell. I LOVE it.


Just one pump is all you need. It's super creamy, almost like a lotion. (I like to use it with my konjac sponge, my little puffy, marshmallow-y ball of magic.) This cleanser feels so good on the skin, smells really fresh, and has witch hazel, a huge plus. Its very gentle, and it leaves my skin feeling very smooth afterwards.


This cleanser is just perfect! It smells so nice and it is very light. I use it in the morning and at night to wash my face before moisturizing, and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft and it helps remove makeup. Also, I have sensitive skin and had no negative reactions using this, it is definitely the best cleanser I have used to date.


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See What People Are Saying About Zue!


This amazing mask is perfect for me because when I use it, it helps my skin to feel smoother and softer. Also it has helped me to reduce redness and dark spots from old acne.


The face mask gave me a little bit of exfoliation and my skin feels really smooth. I always have a little blackheads and clogged pores, especially in my T zone area, and I feel like this helped to clear that out a little bit. This is also the way that I love my skin to feel right before I put makeup on. It feels really smooth and like I know that today is going to be a good makeup day!


This face mask is one I have fallen in love with! I love how it goes on, so cooling. I have sensitive skin, so this face mask is gentle enough to make a difference in my skin, meaning, brighten it, cleanse it, nourish it and not strip it of its own yumminess. I love that my skin is glowing, it feels hydrated, it feels yummy, clean and pure. And I love that it comes with a brush.


I feel like the Face Mask brings back luminosity, especially if your skin is feeling dull that day or that week. I had terrible acne and it's good to know that I can have a mask like this that can bring my skin back to life. It really helps with clarity and just making my skin look fresh and glowing from within... I would take 5!


After three uses, it has noticeably reduced the redness/inflammation from my acne. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who struggles with greasy skin and adult acne, as it diminishes the overall contrast from red irritation and brown sunspots and melasma.


Zue's face-mask is such a unique face-mask and really helps to rejuvenate the skin. I never felt dried out after, which is the usual occurrence with mud for me. I was left with just brighter, soft skin that I made my whole family feel! Haha. Definitely a quality product.


I love the way the mask made my skin feel! My face felt refreshed and it was glowing!💗


I really liked the face mask! I saw a huge difference on the brightness of my skin and I could see the change in my skincare overall. I didn't expect the tingly feeling but it was a good feeling since I could tell it was really making an effect on my skin. I also am very surprised how great this product works since it's vegan and cruelty free. Most face masks I've tried were not as good as this one.


I love the cool feeling that the vitamin E pearls adds to the mask when I applied it to my skin. Also, the small brush included with the mask made it so easy to apply and enhanced the whole experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even while the mask 'dried' on my skin, when I removed it my skin was far from dry. My skin felt refreshed, moisturized, and even looked brighter.


The mask went on so nice and smooth with the included applicator brush and I really love the creamy texture of the mask on my face. However – the absolute BEST part about this mask is how my skin felt AFTER: Super soft and smooth! I have difficult combination skin so I have a hard time finding products that do not dry my skin out too much or make my skin super oily. This mask left my skin feeling hydrated and purified. I could not be happier with the quality of the ingredients, such an amazing product that is Clean, Vegan & Cruelty-Free!!


Love the texture of the mask and how cooling/soothing it felt on my skin. The applicator brush that comes with it makes for such an easy/mess free and smooth application! One thing I love about this mask compared to others is how I can feel it actively working on my skin and the unique clean ingredients! When removing the mask it has a creamy/moisturizing feel that left my face SO Soft after!! Definitely left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!!


I am generally leery when it comes to trying new skin care products as my combination skin is very sensitive and negatively reactive to many ingredients. This mask, however, cooperated with my skin in a wonderful way! Many clay masks cause my skin to become temporarily red after removing them. This one did not. My skin felt refreshed and revitalized after using it. Not only did my skin feel great, but it looked great too! The day after using the mask, my breakouts diminished, my skin was matte without being dried out and my overall skin tone was more even. My dermatitis ridden husband tried it too (because men need #metime too!) and his skin looked amazing after using it as well. He hasn't had a patch of dry, red, scaly skin since using the product. We are both thrilled it is vegan, cruelty free AND that the ingredients (like the palm oil) are sustainably sourced. I can't wait to try more Zue Beauty products as they become available!


Zue Botanicals outdid themselves with the Antioxidant-Rich Face Mask. The vitamin E pearls absolutely gave me a healthy, plump, and youthful glow after leaving it on for 10 minutes. Also, it was easy to take off with a warm towel. The Jasmin and daisy within the mask also help with dark spots. I cannot wait to keep using this mask!


After washing off the mask you can tell that my skin is visibly brighter, more even and very hydrated. Which preps my skin for an amazing makeup application!


It feels pretty good! It's kind of smooth, it goes on pretty easily. It's really creamy which is nice. I was worried that it was going to feel sticky or cakey, or leave my skin feeling really dry but it doesn't, it feels hydrated. I like it, I'll definitely use it again!


My skin feels really great! My pores look smaller, it actually feels a little tighter and firmer and so I really love it! I love that it's an all-natural product, it's vegan free, cruelty free, and I'm so excited to keep using it.


I was beginning to have some red blemishes on my cheeks. After 15 mins with the Morrocan Red Clay and Vitamin E Mask on, the blemishes evened out. I was totally surprised it did exactly what the box said it would! 15 minutes with the mask, even tone! Thank you


I like that its deep cleansing, but it doesn't leave my skin super dry afterwards, and I also have really sensitive skin and I'm not left with a tomato red face or anything. After using the mask my skin feels deeply clean, it feels refreshed, it feels a little moisturized form the vitamin E, and I feel very refreshed as well. It's a perfect way to end the day!


The Zue Antioxidant-Rich Face mask is absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to continue using it during my #MeTime!


This face mask is MAGIC! From the natural ingredients to the convenience of the brush applicator. This face mask is hands down my new obsession. I love how it leaves my skin super soft and glowing. I’ve noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. It’s so much more radiant and my complexion is clear. I love how it helps with any imperfections I may have and how refreshing it feels on my skin. This is a must have and I’m so happy that I’ve incorporated it to my skin care routine.