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How to Cleanse Your Skin Naturally? Getting Back to Basics

In today’s beauty industry, we decide between literally thousands of different products. We choose to cleanse and scrub our faces with rose water toners, apricot scrubs, you name it.

But before skincare became a commercial venture, how did people keep their complexions fresh faced and free of blemishes? By using certain plants with natural medical properties, that's how. And one such au naturale botanical they used was a breakout-fighting plant called witch hazel — which you too should start using ASAP.

What is Witch Hazel?

Hamamelis virginiana (aka witch hazel) is a species of deciduous plant that’s native to North America; However, other closely-related species of the plant exist in Japan and China as well. Occasionally referred to as “winter bloom”, the plant’s nutrient-packed bark and leaves act as a skin-healing astringent with a cornucopia of benefits when prepared correctly.

How Does Witch Hazel Benefit Skin?

When it comes to natural skincare, organic witch hazel is a secret, tried-and-true tool to help keep skin clear. Originally used by Native Americans, pure witch hazel was used to treat things like swelling, blister, sores, infections and other skin-related issues.

And because of its natural astringent qualities, using witch hazel on your face can effectively treat acne, help with rosacea flare-ups and even protect skin against premature aging.

Using witch hazel as a skin cleanser is the best way to squeeze out all of the benefits this plant has on skin. Our Purifying Facial Cleanser takes full advantage of witch hazel’s skin-healing qualities. Here’s how you should apply witch hazel to your face:

  • Directions for Purifying Facial Cleanser: Apply a small amount to wet skin, massage gently and rinse with water. Follow with Zue Soothing Toner and our Daily Moisturizer, or apply Zue Restoring Night Cream to lock-in moisture.

Some Last Sage Words on Witch Hazel

In a world that seems hell-bent on using manmade, synthetic chemicals in skincare products, using witch hazel as part of your daily skin care routine is, quite literally, a natural and refreshing twist. And in most cases, this plant, when applied correctly to skin, offers better results than those promised by mass-produced, highly-manufactured facial washes, which contain drying alcohols, no less.

Consider giving your skincare routine a natural overhaul with our witch hazel products, designed to give you that porcelain-clear complexion you've always wanted.

What is your favorite thing about this ingredient? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I have sensitive skin and tend to be on dryer side, so is it ok to use witch hazel cleanser?

    Dina Mehta

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My skin is really looking nice and glowy so I’m a huge fan of the Antioxidant-Rich Face Mask. It's a pretty amazing product. From the cooling sensation to the Vitamin E beads. I mean, there's a lot of unique things here with this mask and I’m a fan of all of them!


Zue Botanicals outdid themselves with the Antioxidant-Rich Face Mask. The vitamin E pearls absolutely gave me a healthy, plump, and youthful glow after leaving it on for 10 minutes. Also, it was easy to take off with a warm towel. The Jasmin and daisy within the mask also help with dark spots. I cannot wait to keep using this mask!


After washing off the mask you can tell that my skin is visibly brighter, more even and very hydrated. Which preps my skin for an amazing makeup application!


This face mask is one I have fallen in love with! I love how it goes on, so cooling. I have sensitive skin, so this face mask is gentle enough to make a difference in my skin, meaning, brighten it, cleanse it, nourish it and not strip it of its own yumminess. I love that my skin is glowing, it feels hydrated, it feels yummy, clean and pure. And I love that it comes with a brush.


I feel like the Face Mask brings back luminosity, especially if your skin is feeling dull that day or that week. I had terrible acne and it's good to know that I can have a mask like this that can bring my skin back to life. It really helps with clarity and just making my skin look fresh and glowing from within... I would take 5!


It feels pretty good! It’s kind of smooth, it goes on pretty easily. It’s really creamy which is nice. I was worried that it was going to feel sticky or cakey, or leave my skin feeling really dry but it doesn’t, it feels hydrated. I like it, I’ll definitely use it again!


My skin feels really great! My pores look smaller, it actually feels a little tighter and firmer and so I really love it! I love that it’s an all-natural product, it’s vegan free, cruelty free, and I’m so excited to keep using it.


The mask has a very light feel and slight tingle that you can feel it working. After removing the mask with warm water and a wash cloth my skin felt really clean and tighter. It had a healthy glow to it and my pores were noticeably smaller.


I was beginning to have some red blemishes on my cheeks. After 15 mins with the Morrocan Red Clay and Vitamin E Mask on, the blemishes evened out. I was totally surprised it did exactly what the box said it would! 15 minutes with the mask, even tone! Thank you


I like that its deep cleansing, but it doesn’t leave my skin super dry afterwards, and I also have really sensitive skin and I’m not left with a tomato red face or anything. After using the mask my skin feels deeply clean, it feels refreshed, it feels a little moisturized form the vitamin E, and I feel very refreshed as well. It’s a perfect way to end the day!


After three uses, it has noticeably reduced the redness/inflammation from my acne. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who struggles with greasy skin and adult acne, as it diminishes the overall contrast from red irritation and brown sunspots and melasma.


The Zue Antioxidant-Rich Face mask is absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to continue using it during my #MeTime!