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The Magic Of “Me Time”


Incredible Ways Life Changes When You Make Time For Yourself

He called and broke it off. The hardest part was you didn’t see it coming. You were wearing a red dress, one that you bought special for date number three. Things had been going so well, you recall thinking. Where did this come from?

Well, that was two years ago now. Life has changed so much in that time! Instead of worrying about what went wrong with the guy, you started making yourself a priority. And life has become so much better. You quit agonizing over the perfect shade of lipstick, and started thinking about your health, joined a book club with the girls, learned a few new recipes, signed up for kickboxing, and even ticked a few lifelong goals off your bucket list. Not only can you make a tasty frittata, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself these days. Yes, even without the man.

Life wasn’t always this way. You used to hit the snooze button four times before rolling out of bed for work. All those happy, smiling couples on Instagram used to make you feel a bit jealous, even though it was hard to admit that to yourself. And forget about the frittata — you were burning toast back then. (Well, okay…let’s be real. Sometimes you still burn the toast.)

Society’s pressure used to make you feel like you weren’t enough. And part of you believed it. When you think back to those days, you can’t even imagine that used to be your life. Back then, it felt like something was missing. And it was — you!


So, what changed between then and now? 


Believe it or not, the secret to being a strong, confident woman is pretty simple. Treating yourself well is the key that unlocks the door to the best version of you. It all starts with a few simple changes:

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Inside every woman is a light that can’t be dimmed. Your wellbeing is not something you can see, so we often ignore it. A little self care can go a long way toward building self love. It’s amazing how life starts to click into place when you feel good from the inside out. And it all starts with you.





Rediscover yourself with “Me Time”

Being a strong, confident woman in today’s world is not always easy. There is a lot of pressure to have it all, and look good doing it! On days when you’re stressed, overworked, or having a hard time finding balance, a little “Me Time” can give you a reset. But it’s not enough to take time for self care when things get rocky. Self care works best when it’s a regular part of your routine. You have to put it in your schedule, like a workout at the gym. Give it a try and see what happens.

Life opens up many doors when you start thinking about yourself…who you want to be, what you really want deep down. It’s a great feeling to leave old ways of thinking in the rearview mirror.

Sure, not every day is perfect. But when you master the art of self love, you can handle anything that comes your way.


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