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Natalie and Gabriel, the husband-and-wife team that created Zue, had big dreams to revolutionize the beauty industry.

Gabriel was inspired to make natural skincare products from an early age. He spent his childhood looking up to his father, a doctor who treated patients with alternative medicine. Seeing how quickly people healed using natural remedies left a big impression on him.

Gabriel wanted to give people the gift of nature, just like his father. He saw that big beauty companies loaded their products with harmful chemicals (more than 400 in total!), and he wanted to change that. His vision was to create natural skincare that helps women feel beautiful from the inside out.

His wife, Natalie, was on board with the plan. As an Environmental Administrator and Cosmetologist, she had dedicated her career to researching the beautifying effects that plants have on the skin.

From their shared passion, Zue Beauty was born.

Zue is a different kind of beauty company, made exclusively with wholesome ingredients that help women eliminate chemicals from their beauty shelf while inspiring them to get the most out of their MeTime.

Their hard work paid off when a mid-Atlantic Whole Foods added Zue products to their shelves. The business was really taking off! Natalie knew it was time to expand their team. Marcela and Kathy, two of her best friends who shared a passion for skincare, came on board. The trio, known as The Beauty Sisters, created game-changing products for all skin types.

For years, Natalie and Gabriel lived and breathed the business. It was exciting to see their dreams coming true! But the stress and long hours took a toll. Between sourcing ingredients from farmers around the world, hectic meetings and managing the orders, they encountered a challenge many business owners face: Burnout.

They knew that they had to invest more time in themselves in order to continue running a successful business. Health and wellness became a priority. They started eating healthier, enjoying the pool after work and pampering their skin and body, especially Natalie, who is a skincare junkie. This new “me-time” routine had profound effects. Not only were they happier and healthier, but the business was thriving.

Zue Botanicals wants to share the gift of MeTime with products that help you nurture your mind, body and soul. Treating yourself well helps you discover your best self, just like it did for Gabriel and Natalie.

For women like you who do it all, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself. You do so much for others every day. You juggle work or school, family and friends. That “go, go, go” lifestyle is hard work, and you deserve a break. Whether it’s reading your favorite book, learning a new recipe or treating yourself to a decadent mud mask, every moment you invest in yourself will come back threefold. Self care is not selfish. It’s the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Today, Zue continues to make innovative skincare solutions that inspire women to embrace MeTime and find their inner beauty.



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