Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your products 100% organic?

They are organically produced and harvested, but we are not currently certified as an organic product. This is mostly because in order to get our products certified, we have to certify each parcel from our farmers. We currently work with 1200 farmer families, so it’s a long process to get each one certified. Still, we are committed on the short run to have all of our products certified as Organic.

How do you fragrance your products?

With the variety of essential oils in the formulations. These oils have natural scents due to the plants they are extracted from.

Do you use any synthetic ingredients?

No, all of our ingredients are natural and organically produced.

Do you use alcohol in the product formulations?

No, you may see we use Cetearyl Alcohol in our formulations, but this is not a regular alcohol. In fact, it’s called a fatty alcohol, which is great for skin and poses no risk of sensitizing skin.

What skin types should use Zue Beauty products?

Zue Beauty products are especially formulated and suitable for all skin types